“Change the way you communicate and communicate the way you change”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Organizations are challenged to innovate socially.”

Imagine employees that engage with customers and markets and make sure your company stays ahead of the competition.

“Facilities and communications merge”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Communicate how the employement deal is changing.”

Create ambassadors and keep high performers.

“Don't forget who's doing your business.”

Stakeholders value is important, so is value for all stakeholders.

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“We help our customers save tons of money by upgrading the efficiency of their human resources”.

Only agile and aligned organizations keep up with the rapid changing world and stay ahead of the competition. Reaching out to your employees and make them aware of the business goals is crucial. Employees are the organizations’ most valuable asset. Only they can make a difference and turn goals into daily results. But you need to reach out to them, get their attention and ask for feedback. Currently on average, the efficiency ratio of a large organisation’s HR capital is about 65%, and that is already an optimistic figure. Imagine waisting 35% of your total HR costs. That would deserve someone’s attention, right?

Signips’ CorporateTV reaches out to all employees in the most visible way: via screens where you know they can be reached.

With content that is always according to Brandguidelines.
With content that is consistent and in the correct tone of voice.
With content that is fresh and up to date, appealing to the audience at the location of the screen.
With content that delivers on the Brand promise.
It is not about providing information, it is about getting through!
Not via dozens of people, but with just one click on a button.
Not using expensive software and servers, but via a simple website.

With CorporateTV you are able to establish 80% awareness of your message in a matter of days and a 70% change in behavior in a matter of weeks. But most importantly, it is greatly appreciated by your employees.

CorporateTV might replace some of your less effective but more expensive current internal communications channels and connects with the remaining ones. Therefore reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.

Signips has all the competences you need. A powerful web-based software solution, proven technology and years of experience in effective internal communication solutions. We focus on achieving communication goals instead of providing just a piece of technology.

Take a look at the video here and experience at first hand, what Corporate TV does for Vodafone and what it can do for your organization.

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i am a manager

a manager

To stay or become an “employer of choice” you’ll have to understand how the world is changing and how people want to work. Focus will be on employability, in order to create a flexible workforce.

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i am a communications professional

a communications professional

Several midsized and large enterprises have already extended their existing channels with a new one: CorporateTV: an approved signage application that meets all of the demands of the communications officer.

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i am an IT professional

an IT professional

Since Corporate TV is a web-based application, it is easy to setup. All you need is an open Internet connection a screen and our player.

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i am a facility manager

a facility manager

By integrating screens in walls, coffee machines and at the working place, Corporate TV blends in and adds value to the internal branding activities.

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