Why an integral communication channel is always a good thing.

While not so long ago companies had different departments for communications, we now see them struggling to bring them under one roof. This helps to break down the walls dividing them for a more agile alignment to the business.

Whether or not this really bridges the gap between them, it is clear that communication efforts need to become more effective in order to keep up with the ongoing organizational changes and demands for better ROI.

Using a Digital Signage for internal- and corporate communications works well. It is by far the most effective communications channel out there. Main reason for this: it is a push channel instead of opt-in as most others channels are. Not as obvious at first but just as important: it brings existing content to the attention of the audience. Via real-time linking to websites and intranet and facilitating even webcasts, a CorporateTV Channel emphasizes the value of existing channels, helping them to achieve their goals. In addition to the use of displays at the office, on the work floor, factories and events you would be able to create specific playlists for your offline workforce or people working at different locations. Via a virtual player, they too can get the information they need to do their job just a bit better. Via their computer or smart device. Anywhere and anytime.

Imagine getting your message out in the right tone of voice and in a consistent – brand approved way, to all stakeholders.