internal communication

Why an integral communication channel is always a good thing.

While not so long ago companies had different departments for communications, we now see them struggling to bring them under one roof. This helps to break down the walls dividing them for a more agile alignment to the business. Whether or not this really bridges the gap between them, it is clear that communication efforts […]

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Newsletter 2 – 2015 News about CorporateTV

Update – NGen2 player We have shifted to our NGen2 player software successfully. The earlier – Linux based- player software is now not longer supported. This is nothing to worry about, we can upgrade your players remote to the NGen2 version. Please contact us for more information. Upgrade now and check out all the cool […]

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Effective internal communications via digital signage.

Digital signage as a channel for corporate-/ internal communications is gaining momentum. It fits the need to ‘do more with less resources’. This is quite logical if you take into account the costs of existing channels compared to their (low) efficiency. Signips’ CorporateTV delivers with an efficiency of 70% to 80%! In just minutes you […]

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