Push and Pull on CorporateTV

In a time where change becomes part of the way we do business, people are challenged to keep up permanently. For this CorporateTv offers many features to communicate change. It helps people to become aware and engaged. But there is more. All these people have an opinion, experiences and share knowledge that can be used to facilitate change or improve business even more. Whether it be ideas on how to do things (better), save money, new products or to create a better working environment, it can be communicated via CorporateTV.

This post is about a project we have been working on. It is not a live project, it’s ment to be an example how to use CorporateTV in a interactive way.

Since 2009 Royal Philips uses CorporateTV in offices and factories to inform employees. At Philips, CorporateTV is Called P-CAST. Originally P-CAST was used to inform people about the new ways of work according to the ‘Work Place Innovation” project (WPI). It soon grew to become more than this.

Research shows that people love the information brought to them via P-Cast. When asked about their enrichements on how to improve the information experience there where two answers that stood out:
1: bring more local news, regarding our unit, collegeagues , projects and successes next to corporate wide, division and country based news.
2: create concepts where we can interact with P-Cast and share our thoughts, opinions, ideas in a creative and fun way.

P-Cast offers many features to share information, a logical next step would be to offer interaction with its audience. We have been looking to answer this question:

‘How can P-Cast engage with employees and involve them in our communication process with measurable results?”

Signips chose an idea challenge concept as an exemple of how to involve employees actively. The concept is named after Frits Philips one of Philips greatest icons of all.

“The Frits Philips Innovation Challenge” (FPIC)

How it works.

Use CorporateTV to inform and ask for participation.

Use CorporateTV to inform and ask for participation.

In a short video a senior management member explains the project and asks employees to participate.
The visual of the concept consists of a mozaiq. The image of Frits Philips is made out of all the participants avatars.