CorporateTV at Yammer

Via a joint corporate customer, Yammer became aware of Signips’ capabilities in the field of digital signage for Internal Communications. During the summer of 2013, the new EMEA Head Office in London was fitted with Corporate TV, shortly followed by the offices in New York and San Francisco.

The Duke of York at the opening of the yammer office in London, UK.

The Duke of York at the opening of the yammer office in London, UK.

Signips’ Content Management and Distribution system enables Yammer to alter and edit dynamic content via a website. Yammer TV consists out of a network of flat screens that display content tailored to employees around these screens.  The cast contains a variety of content streams, including key social media, external media, meeting room planning and internal items. Yammer’s Enterprise Software Solution was also integrated, aligning it to the Yammer way of working.

Yammer and Signips collaborate constantly to make sure an attractive, relevant and present cast engages staff and contributes to Yammer’s unique working atmosphere.

Comment by Yammer:
Yammer TV enables us to extend our reach within our fast growing international company. The dynamic structure of the content and concept enables us to quickly and easily align our employee communications with our internal and external communications strategy.