High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Innovative Digital Signage

The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands is one of the smartest regions in the world. About 100 high tech companies have found a place on the campus. Almost 50% off all patents in the netherlands are registered here.

In January 2012 CorporateTV from Signips went live in the facilities of the campus. The main goal: to provide consistent and entertaining information to all visitors of the campus. Events, local news, discussions but also a signagep latform for local business like restaurants, bars, fitness and convention center.

Smartest region in the world.

Smartest region in the world.

Due to the fact that The High Tech Campus is an innovation and incubation location we work together to come up and try out new ideas and concepts for CorporateTV.

Overall we have created a platform where a lot of new refreshing content is provided via automated links with external and internal data systems. Embedding API’s of Social Media platforms, internal feeds for conference center reservations, news and events feeds, have helped the communications officers to create great playlist almost effortless.

As of now a new fully automated “High Tech Campus Community playlist” has come to life. These feeds will contain catchy content for the Campus Community; “My Tech Campus”. To engage the audience even better, we have collabrorated with Maas int to implement our technology in the new SL1000 coffee vending machine. At this moment we are enrolling these in the buildings of the High Tech campus in Eindhoven.