Bas Volvo Trucks

CorporateTV at BAS Volvo Trucks


BAS Volvo Trucks is a local Volvo truck dealer with five establishments in the southern part of The Netherlands. The company is business unit of EXA Holding. The vision of EXA is translated into the Global Truck Concept: to be a reliable partner for transport companies  when it comes to transport equipment and all related services. As Volvo truck dealer, BAS is partner for buying and selling new and used vehicles, leasing solutions, financial services and after-sales services in the broadest and best sense of the word. BAS is headquartered in Veghel and the holding employs more than 500 people.


Since BAS operates in a global and dynamic market, the need for a direct way of communicating with customers led to the introduction of CorporateTV, which can now be found at the headquarters in Veghel and all local branch offices in the Netherlands. The concept is highly visible within the customer areas, and customers are addressed with an attractive, present and alternating cast.


Sylvana van den Crommenacker – Gevers, BAS’s marketing and PR coordinator, about Corporate TV by Signips: ‘The main advantage of the system is the user friendliness. It is very easy to upload templates, pictures and other media items. Besides, it is simple to add items and move them within the program. For us, it was very important to make a difference between global and local news. If we have global news, we only have to make one adjustment and are able to distribute it to all our players with only one click. As the cooperation with Signips runs very smoothly, we’ve planned to roll out the project to our other business units.’