Newsletter 2 – 2015 News about CorporateTV

Update – NGen2 player

We have shifted to our NGen2 player software successfully. The earlier – Linux based- player software is now not longer supported. This is nothing to worry about, we can upgrade your players remote to the NGen2 version. Please contact us for more information. Upgrade now and check out all the cool new features.

New: New: Display webpages real time

Would you like to add real-time web content on your CorporateTV channel? Create a truly cross media channel and share your web news, coming events and target your audience with specific information without having to spend a lot of time to do so. Simply add the webpage to your playlist by entering the URL and select its exposure time. The player will automatically open the webpage. And not to worry, in case of a connection failure, the webpage will be skipped and not leave a black screen. This feature will help support your (local) intra-/internet web-based content by directing viewers to those pages and create even greater value for your stakeholders.
Please contact us if you want to learn more about this.

Create even more value for CorporateTV; hire a consultant!

For years people have used displays to get their messages across. In the realm of commercial media, digital signage has proven itself a long time ago. In the world of internal communication this is now about to happen…

Research shows that CorporateTV is a very effective instrument capable of reaching a large audience in a short period. Your messages are getting across to all its viewers at the same time, in a consistent way and in the right tone of voice. Few instruments in the communicator’s toolbox can compete with that. Regretfully, 90% of all people working with CorporateTV do so ‘On top of their job’. As a user, you might have noticed that this stands in the way of using the full potential of CorporateTV. There is just not enough time. We can offer a solution by providing you with a helping hand. Whether you only need editorial support, on hands help with creating playlists or setup a strategy that fits your business strategy and create a content calendar, we will help you by providing a consultancy service. This way you will not only stay on top of things but have more time on your hands for your daily affairs as well.


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