Newsletter 1 – 2015

News about CorporateTV

Last year we received many requests for a newsletter of some sort to keep you informed with regard to developments concerning CorporateTV. This is the first edition and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

New Player Software; NGen2.

In the past years the realm of communication has changed, continuously shifting the demands for concepts and content creation. This has lead to the development of new software based on Microsoft Windows. With this upgrade new and innovative communication features can be added to the already packed CorporateTV platform. Facilitating Webcast – as seen below – but also support for screen sharing from IOS devices like iPhone en iPad so CorporateTV displays can be used for presentations, interactive voting and polling features, camera support to connect people from different locations and many more. In the coming weeks we will contact you in person to inform you about these exciting features. And  just to give you a glimpse of a secret project we are working on:  a low cost media player and very small displays (10″ up). Imagine the possibilities.

New: Video streaming support

More often webcasts are used to communicate with employees. It saves time and costs because not all viewers need to be present in person. It is a smart way of communicating.

We have been asked if the displays of the CorporateTV platform could also facilitate webcasts.

The distribution of real time video on a cached content platform is just one of the challenges we faced but we have successfully added this feature to CorporateTV.

We can setup your  channel to be used as a portal for webcast and video streaming events and guide you to make your first streaming experience a great one. This feature demands that the firmware of the players is upgraded to the NGen2 version.

AFP News Feeds now available.

New for 2015 is also our collaboration with AFP (Agence France-Presse). As of now we can offer you a subscription to 4 international news feeds; Hightech – Economy – International and Sports. You will receive a  template in compliance with your guidelines and the feeds for you to select.  The news will be 24/7 updated  and delivers text and a high quality picture. The quality and content appeals to the viewer thus helping your content to be viewed better and  more often. All feeds come in English but we can provide them in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Instagram website

You may already have seen it or not, but recently we have set up a ‘micro website’ on Instagram.
It provides examples of concepts, visuals, screen locations and ideas that we are working on.

On your mobile device you can simply visit us by clicking on the button below. In your desktop or notebook browser you can choose the following links:

For concepts and visuals: Solutions
For display locations: Locations
For ideas: Ideas