I am a Manager

We understand your challenge

Leadership comes with great challenges these days. Creating value for the company, its shareholders and stakeholders and at the same time create an agile, efficient and committed workforce.

By creating high-energy environments, leaders motivate employees to flourish, and lead customers to exhibit enthusiastic loyalty. Alignment of your brand promise and internal communications efforts is key. We strongly believe in the commercial competence of your workforce, apart from their daily work. If they live your brand, they share it with their network and deliver great endorsements. But they have to understand your brand, products and added value. Next, you have to make very clear what you expect from them, on every level, everyday. Not doing this, will lead to a great discrepancy in your customer’s experience

This requires a reconsideration of your internal communications activities, architecture, content strategy and communications-goals. After all, these can no longer be only task-oriented! Highly visible, attractive and crystal clear content does the job for you. CorporateTV guarantees 100% visibility of your goals and expectations and makes sure your organization always keeps up and performs accordingly.

Communicate your Employee Value Proposition.

The employment deal changes. Changes in staff, modifying or altering employee programs and benefits, adding responsibilities, all of these changes affect employees personally. Employees always evaluate from their own perspective: What’s in it for me? CorporateTV offers you a great opportunity to realign your employees with the direction of the organization and to engage the talent that you have. Get results quick, keep hold of your high performers and offer employees recognition in terms of visibility and acknowledgement.

Consistent, effective and cost efficient.

CorporateTV connects your strategy directly to your internal communications efforts. It is a global service that is centrally structured, organized and managed within your company. Plan and execute your strategy with the click on a button and ensure all of your employees are reached in a similar way and at the same time.

CorporateTV eliminates interference of decentralized staff, both in the composition and publication of your messages. This guarantees you that the entire workforce is informed in a similar way, leaving no room for interpretation or timing.

CorporateTV is centrally organized, meeting the requirements of your brand guidelines ensuring a professional and integrated communication’s platform.

With content tailored to the specific crowd around the screen, you are able to reach your workforce, including those that have no access to the Internet, like your factory workers. The message is tailored to their specific role in the company, making it not only relevant but also clear what the goals mean for their individual role and behavior.

Next to your central efforts, you can add national, regional or local content editors. They can further align your goals with the specific business-unit, location or area. They also provide that local input that only applies to that specific location and is so much appreciated by local staff, for example local HR or Safety information. Furthermore, it will create great support from your decentralized management.

With all content being available in your on-line library, CorporateTV stimulates collaboration within your company. All users can share ideas, content and concepts at all time and benefit from their efforts.

CorporateTV is very cost effective. It reduces manpower, viscous consultative structures and eliminates the paper-flow, contributing in the reduction of your environmental footprint. With all content being available for the organization, the creation of this content is a one-off exercise, greatly reducing your costs of content creation.

Business Intelligence and feedback.

Measuring the effect of change is a crucial step in the alignment of the organization and evaluation of your strategy.

CorporateTV connects with practically all business intelligence tooling and can provide present and attractive KPI’s and NPS scores to your staff, of course tailored to their specific targets. Signips’ content management and distributing system automatically retrieves data and refreshes the content within minutes. This makes everyone aware of the present situation and spurs to act accordingly.

Apart from the data retrieval, Signips’ experience and knowledge will make sure the business intelligence is simple and swift and has astonishing graphic quality and interfaces. You will be thrilled by the impact on your organization when tailored performance data is published in a transparent way.

Unravel the potential of your own organization, start competitions, make sure teams challenge each other and award your individual change agents. As a result, your organization will take initiative, learn from the differences and share best practices and pitfalls. Your only task is to manage these ideas and feedback and reward your staff accordingly.

In the end, your customers are the real winners. They experience an improvement in behavior, become more loyal and thus more profitable.