From an IT perspective

Corporatetv from an IT perspective

Corporate TV is a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution and very easy to setup. A media player is connected to a screen and needs an internet connection. After that, it is ready for usage. It requires no software installation and users can access the system via an internet browser, like Explorer, FIrefox, Chrome or Safari. They log in through a unique code and password and can manage content from any device, 24/7/365.

Users can manage content to all, several, some or just one screen(s) and other users can be added, without letting them near the Content Management System that controls the application. User rights are defined prior to the commissioning, providing a structure that meets your requirements and provides end users with a tailored set-up.

The media players connect with our content management system to check for updates. Since all content is stored on the media player, this is not a service based on streaming and therefore has an insignificant impact on your network. Only mutations are processed, through a HTTPS-connection, providing a solid and safe transfer to only those players that were selected by the user. In the unlikely occasion of your network going down, Corporate TV continues to play the content.

We have the user at heart. The content management and distribution system offers an easy and quick operation and is a pleasure to work with. It encourages and motivates users and has a quick learning curve making it available for any type of user.
The software player is created to handle any cast without a glitch. Content is downloaded, stored and embedded in the running playlists without anyone noticing it.
Problems are handled automatically without user interference and awareness.

Internet Connection

Corporate TV operates at best when it runs on a connection outside your organization’s network, making sure it never interferes with business critical processes. We can connect through the usual protocols, like LAN or W-LAN.

Media Player

Our media player consists of a hardware platform based upon x86 CPU. In fact, it is a small but very powerful PC that comes in a solid metal casing. We have optimized the hardware drivers to fine-tune its functionality. All our players have the Energy Label and excel in power saving capabilities. Screens can be connected by HDMI, VGA or DVI ports and also a Full-HD version is available.

Remote management, monitoring and notification

The platform offers remote control and management information, providing detailed information about the media player, connection status and other relevant data. This enables your help desk or IT organization to offer swift global service and support. The system can also send e-mails or text notifications when a media player has an operational deviation.

Proven technology and software for consistent internal signage.

The platform, operational since 2008 and covering over 1500 locations, is developed by us, and benefits from our years of experience. It is deployed at small business, government organizations and international corporations, always complying with their respective IT standards.

We managed to translate all of the markets wishes into one flexible platform that aligns with altering demands of our customers and evolves continuously. The system does not age and keeps up with rapid changing demands from end users.

Since we manage our own platform, we are able to connect it with other internal and external sources. For example traffic information, stock indices, news and weather information. But also business intelligence, like KPI’s or Sales Force. We also have partnered with Yammer, Social Cast, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to make sure all present social (enterprise) media are embedded.