Facility manager

Facilities and communications merge.

CorporateTV is a visible communications channel through a variety of screens, set up at locations where many people come like reception areas, coffee corners, plazas and corridors. We make sure you are able to integrate this channel in your building and its hardware, by providing a clean and high quality presence that blends in perfectly with your building’s appearance.

Our systems is flexible in regard to screens, whether it is a flat screen, beamer, meeting room monitor or video wall, providing you with a single platform for all your digital communications. Corporate TV can connect with your visitor registration system, emergency protocols and provides a warm and attractive welcome for your guests, making their stay at your building most pleasant and safe.

Corporate TV eliminates the paper-flow, like posters and all the maintenance and service that comes with that. Making it not only very efficient, but also a great contributor to the reduction of your environmental footprint.

Screen-in-wall integration

Innovation and consistent management.

CorporateTV is integrated in coffee machines, one of your office’s hot spots. Since these machines are frequently visited, the integrated solution gets their attention while their consumption is being prepared. Next, people gather around these spots and start conversations, making them a valuable chain in your internal communication’s strategy. Being able to facilitate this chain and at the same time offering a high quality service, makes this a win-win situation for your department.

Here you find an example of the digital coffee machine we developed in close cooperation with Maas International.


Corporate TV reduces your environmental footprint by eliminating the paper flow, cost of printing and transportation efforts. Our technology meets the highest requirements when it comes to corporate social responsibility, only using energy saving devices and equipment.

It also reduces the impact on your facilities service organization and can be used to share important information about facilities, for example in regard to maintenance and corporate safety regulations.