Effective internal communications via digital signage.

Digital signage as a channel for corporate-/ internal communications is gaining momentum. It fits the need to ‘do more with less resources’.

This is quite logical if you take into account the costs of existing channels compared to their (low) efficiency. Signips’ CorporateTV delivers with an efficiency of 70% to 80%! In just minutes you reach a large part of your target group with your messages in the correct branding and proper tone of voice.

Our new virtual player also enables communication officers to reach out to those people who are not working in the vicinity of a display. They can watch it where and whenever they like.

Added to these benefits is a feature to display video streams real-time e.g. the coming webcast of your CEO. Or maybe, you want to display a webpage (url) as a part of your playlist? That too is possible.

There is no reason not to start communicating with CorporateTV. We will support and train you and in just two hours, you will become the editor of your playlists. A playlist can be created in just a few minutes. Always on brand!