Who we are.

Signips was founded late 2008. The founders already had extensive experience with digital signage in general.
Never before, the world experienced so many changes in the way people communicate or do business. This is not going to change; it is the ‘new economy’.

Social Media, crises, globalization, new ways of work, generation Y and Z, flexibilization, they all have a tremendous impact on how firms do business.

Signips decided to focus on internal communications in order to help firms align behavior to the business. Signips has developed a leading, corporate approved web-based platform for content management and distribution called CorporateTV. Signips also introduced “The Content Factory” to offer the customer tailor made content solutions.

Our Philoshopy

Always communicate change in the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and be bold, transparent and innovative in the way you do so. Use CorporateTv to align behavior to the business! Measurable results provide feedback and help improve the process.

Meet our team

Laurens Leemans

Lead Software Developer

IT is in Laurens’ blood. Ever since he’s gotten his first PC, he has been building applications and games. His first game was finished when he was 7 years old! He aced his high-school programming class and while attending university, he received several awards for innovations in the field of computer chip-design and web programming. […]

Irwen Langermans

Manager Operations

Irwen is our project, training and support specialist. He has a background in software development, implementation of software environments and advising Coorporate solutions for business operations. He is often referred to as a driven project- operations manager with great people skills. He has years of experience in the narrowcasting business coming from the early adapters […]

Noud Wilders


Noud is a creator and out-of –the-box thinker. His passions are sociology , psychology and technology. He possesses social- as well as technical skills. In business and in science we are used to metrics to prove our point, or value success. In communications, metrics can and should be used to show ROI and action to […]

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