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Why CorporateTV?

If you recognize at least some of the content in the above video you will be interested in what we have to offer!

“Align your communications to the business AND to your employees!” Communicating with employees should boost engagement. Many organizations fail to communicate effectively and companies that master their communication efforts achieve better results. And that is what is all should be about: better business!

More than ever, organizations need to adapt to changing market conditions fast. This often results in changes in the employement deal also; reducing staff, freezing salaries, adding responsibilities, altering the work environment etc. All of these changes affect the employees personally. And employees always evaluate change from their perspective: “What’s in it for me?”. Only a few organizations explain the terms of the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to their employees. A study (Gallup) has shown that organizations that did communicate well with their employees had a 30 times higher engagement than organizations that did not do so.

This new era we live in demands that firms become more agile and focus on the market/consumer. We need to re-invent our organization in terms of processes and behavior.


This requires a new instrument that helps you reach both your on-line and your off-line workforce and deliver a solid and clear Return on Investment.

Current communication channels are ‘opt-in’ and therefor not paticular effective. See also the graph below. It is a result of a benchmark done by Melcrum reseach done by Vodafone with regard to the effectiveness of CorporateTV. CorporateTV is effective simply because it is a visible ‘push’channel. People will see it without the need to do something in orderto see it. Without a push channel it is very difficult to align communication efforts in order to create a consistent channel. Opt-in communication channels suffer under the ínformation overload’excuse. people just do not bother to obtain information you want to share with them, regardless the amount of effort you put into it.

Benchmark internal communication channels by Melcrum and Vodafone

Benchmark internal communication channels by Melcrum and Vodafone

CorporateTV has a simple but effective proposition.

First, it is a push channel; it is 100% visible and therefore seen by everyone.

Second, its content is tailored to specific target groups, aligning their job to the business.

CorporateTV scores 80% on awareness and 70% on engagement of content.

What does it look like?

CorporateTV consists of a network of screens, placed in key areas in your building, especially in those areas where employees are socially active: for example coffee corners, restaurants and busy corridors, which are frequently visited accompanied by co-workers. Next, also the factories and warehouses are connected, where staff has no access to the Internet.

What matters is that these places are true conversation starters and an ideal environment for sharing ideas, thoughts and emotions. You can kick start these conversations, ask for feedback and ideas and enable this unique process.

Since content of each screen is tailored to its location, only relevant and present content is casted. It results in excellent acceptance by staff, not only because of relevance, but also because of the content being attractive, dynamic and animated. Every now and then a quick glance at the screen is all you ask from them.

How can it be operated?

Via Signips’ content management and distribution system, you have direct access to each individual screen, sections of screens or all screens. Simply log in via the Internet, 24 hours a day, regardless of your location. You only require a browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. No software needs to be installed.

Add more users to the system and share content and ideas with colleagues. CorporateTV can cast different playlists at the same time, meaning that both strategic, tactical and operational content can be published. You can add local users to the system, or add colleagues from other departments like HR, Business Intelligence, Safety etcetera.

All the media is stored in an on-line library, providing all users with instant access to all content.

CorporateTV enables you to facilitate the internal communications process in a professional, easy and effective way. Content is updated every 5 minutes, keeping up to date with all that matters.

Signips makes sure managing content is not a full-time job. Over 75% of the content is automatically updated, keeping up-to-date at all times and not taking too much of your valuable time.

CorporateTV covers all your content.

The CorporateTV cast consists of need-to-know and nice-to-know items, brought in a fresh and entertaining way. The cast is looped and the viewers capture all items. For any message to stick, it is essential to be viewed more than once.

Because design and functionality meet corporate guidelines, the cast is consistent and professional. Signips has connected with several content deliveries to provide you with the best content sources available.

CorporateTV can publish the following content that can be sequenced in any order you prefer:

• Video, animations and pictures
• Template Based Messaging
• HR Content, including Sharepoint
• Social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare
• Enterprise Social, including Social Cast and Yammer
• Business Intelligence, including Sales Force, Microsoft Office and NPS / KPI Management;
• QR-codes, e-mail and SMS integration;
• External news, weather forecasts, traffic and stock information.

CorporateTV becomes a bond and increases traffic to other sources of information. It publishes a summary of all that is relevant, making sure every viewer is aware of these items and can directly engage, also on your other internal platforms like Intranet for example.

Since Signips has developed its own system, we can connect with practically any other source of content, both internal and external. We have already developed tailored concepts for our customers. Feel free to contact us for possibilities in this matter.