Can we do this? Yes we can!

Last monday, we got a call from a global company with their HQ in Zürich, Switserland. They had an management summit event planned for that Wednesday and wanted to use their Yammerfeed in their signage.
Their wishes were quite elaborate. Through Yammer they had contacted us to ask if we could set this up in Zürich for that Wednesday.

Within 8 hours a tailored portal was up and running and the first template for Yammer content was active. Two team members drove up to Zürich and on Wednesday morning all signage players were up and running.

Also, on a large screen behind the speaker, specific Yammer content needed to be placed next to other content. For this we created a template in a different resolution to support this demand. On site changes in the yammer content like filtering out test messages were made possible by our team.

At the end of the day everything had worked out fine and CorporateTV has proven to be quite a succesfull signgae platform for events.

Yammer feeds for communication during events.

Yammer feeds for communication during events.