“Organizations are challenged to innovate socially.”

Imagine employees that engage with customers and markets and make sure your company stays ahead of the competition.

“Facilities and communications merge”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Change the way you communicate and communicate the way you change”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Communicate how the employement deal is changing.”

Create ambassadors and keep high performers.

“Don't forget who's doing your business.”

Stakeholders value is important, so is value for all stakeholders.

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LinkedIn module live!

LinkedIn Module live now! LinkedIn is a formidable Social Media tool for the professional. One can almost find all professional information about people. Also, LinkedIn enables people to connect with people who share intrest or profession. Sharing information in groups helps getting your business aligned and creates awareness. Some companies out there invest heavily in […]

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Signips amongst 6 most innovative start-ups in the smartest region of the world!

Since late 2008 Signips is located in the Brainport region, recently acknowledged as the smartest region in the world. Brainport Development is the new style development agency of the Brainport foundation, which has representatives of the triple helix-structure on its governing board. The task of the organization is to drive the region forward and make […]

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Nobody wants to work for a boring company.

Source: frankwatching.com via Noud on Pinterest Conversations are important. Equally important is to provide insight about the influences, trends, content and context of these conversations. You might have guessed it already. Communicating is a key competence for tomorrows organization but also a rare competence. Your communication efforts need a platform to make them visible for all and Signips can help […]

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