“Organizations are challenged to innovate socially.”

Imagine employees that engage with customers and markets and make sure your company stays ahead of the competition.

“Facilities and communications merge”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Change the way you communicate and communicate the way you change”

Imagine employees being informed, engaged and aware of the company’s goals, brand and guidelines.

“Communicate how the employement deal is changing.”

Create ambassadors and keep high performers.

“Don't forget who's doing your business.”

Stakeholders value is important, so is value for all stakeholders.

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Why an integral communication channel is always a good thing.

While not so long ago companies had different departments for communications, we now see them struggling to bring them under one roof. This helps to break down the walls dividing them for a more agile alignment to the business. Whether or not this really bridges the gap between them, it is clear that communication efforts […]

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Newsletter 2 – 2015 News about CorporateTV

Update – NGen2 player We have shifted to our NGen2 player software successfully. The earlier – Linux based- player software is now not longer supported. This is nothing to worry about, we can upgrade your players remote to the NGen2 version. Please contact us for more information. Upgrade now and check out all the cool […]

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Effective internal communications via digital signage.

Digital signage as a channel for corporate-/ internal communications is gaining momentum. It fits the need to ‘do more with less resources’. This is quite logical if you take into account the costs of existing channels compared to their (low) efficiency. Signips’ CorporateTV delivers with an efficiency of 70% to 80%! In just minutes you […]

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Newsletter 1 – 2015

News about CorporateTV Last year we received many requests for a newsletter of some sort to keep you informed with regard to developments concerning CorporateTV. This is the first edition and we hope you will enjoy reading it. New Player Software; NGen2. In the past years the realm of communication has changed, continuously shifting the demands […]

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Real time video streaming supported

Today, most organizations understand the need for organized communications with their employees. CorporateTV allows existing communication channels to connect and be used as a cross-channel communication instrument.  Now we have added a feature that allows to display real-time webcasts to the already packed feature list of CorporateTV. Use all of your CorporateTV screens to display next CEO’s webcast, […]

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Signips opens website on Instagram

We are not the first company to use Instagram as a tool to share visuals with the viewer. This did not keep us from doing so. Instagram offers us a great way to show to the public what we do, where we do it, the ideas we have and why we do what we do. […]

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Communicating coffee machines at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is also known as the Smartest Km2 of the world. So we are proud that they have chosen our CorporateTV as a cloud solution for their digital communication. Although they have been a very satisfeid user of our CorporateTV solution for years, they decided to even improve their level […]

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Push and Pull on CorporateTV

In a time where change becomes part of the way we do business, people are challenged to keep up permanently. For this CorporateTv offers many features to communicate change. It helps people to become aware and engaged. But there is more. All these people have an opinion, experiences and share knowledge that can be used […]

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Can we do this? Yes we can!

Last monday, we got a call from a global company with their HQ in Zürich, Switserland. They had an management summit event planned for that Wednesday and wanted to use their Yammerfeed in their signage. Their wishes were quite elaborate. Through Yammer they had contacted us to ask if we could set this up in […]

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Facebook module live now!

Facebook is used by people and companies all over the world to engage with each other. For companies with a Facebook presence, the module offers a variety of opportunities to create awareness and engagement amongst employees. The module is directly connected to your Facebook Company page and automatically updates your Facebook concept on the screens. […]

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